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If there is one thing that makes a hijabi’s life a lot easier, it is the invention of the hijab pin. They are so easy to use and they make my day a little brighter. Hijab pins are the ultimate balance between form and function because they look cute and keep your hijab in place.

Because you probably love hijab pins as much as I do, I will share this tutorial on how to make a hijab pin. This DIY is VERY easy 😀 to follow and is a wonderful idea if you are on the lookout for an Eid gift. In addition, if you are the type of person that likes the idea of creating your own hijab pin collection, then this is definitely the tutorial for you!

Here is how to make a hijab pin:

You will need:
– A blank hijab pin
– A pin closure
– Your bead(s)
– A rubber earring safety back

You can purchase blank hijab pins here:


STEP 1.) Take your pin and slide in your beads

STEP 2.) Take the earring safety back and slide it snugly behind the beads.

Be careful not to prick yourself!

STEP 3.) Voila! You have made your own hijab pin.