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Asalamualaikum everyone! Today I want to share a really easy sports hijab tutorial for light impact activities with you guys. One of the reasons why I held myself back from wearing the hijab in the past was because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to participate in sports or do anything crazy and fun. I had this vision that the scarf on my head would get in the way of living my life to the fullest and now I can proudly state that this mentality was wrong 😀 .

Below is a quick hijab tutorial for low impact, leisurely sports. Examples of this type of activity would be ice skating, bowling, walking, etc.

I personally like to use this hijab style on windy days as well!


STEP 1.) Lay the scarf over your head with the shorter side reaching your chest area.

STEP 2.) Wrap the scarf so that you end up with two layers of the scarf around your head

STEP 3.) Take both ends of the scarf and tie a simple knot. If the scarf is very long like mine, try creating a second, more loose knot underneath.

I hope you liked the quick sports hijab tutorial! I personally think it is a great solution for those days when you don’t have a sports hijab nearby.