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Asalamualaikum everyone! I’ve come up with another hijab tutorial to share with you all that will work perfectly for my hijabistas who want to look like princesses while attending parties, weddings, prom, or eid festivities. The tutorial itself is actually quite simple and will work for ANY face shape. The scarf will wrap around your face in a teardrop shape, so this hijab tutorial is universally flattering. I like to think that this style looks very “princess” because I used a bubblegum pink hijab and wrapped it in a way that looks very regal, elegant, and simple at the same time.


1. Wear an underscarf or ninja scarf. You will need this in the next step.

2. Grab a head chain or necklace that matches your hijab and with a safety pin, fasten the jewelry at the back of your head to your underscarf.

3. Next, take your hijab and fold it over to about 3-5 in (or ~8-13 cm). 

4. Lay the folded scarf at an angle on your forehead, with the short side reaching to about shoulder length. 

5. Next, take the longer end of the scarf, wrap it under your neck, and lay it at an angle that is symmetrical to the other side.

6. Crease the scarf around the back of the head so that the longer side naturally lays around your neck.

7. Pin the scarf over the crease.

I hope you enjoyed this princess hijab tutorial for parties, weddings, Eid, & prom! Again, it is super simple to recreate and I am sure it will look amazing on every one of your pretty faces Mashallah. Make sure to send me your pictures by tagging me on Instagram @muskajahan! I love to hear from you guys and I want to see your personal twists on this hijab style.