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Asalamualaikum everyone! In today’s post I am going to share a really quick and easy tutorial on how to create your own DIY double hijab pins. They are a really cool accessory for your hijab and I love that these pins can be worn for both casual days and formal events. Overall, these DIY double hijab pins are versatile, easy to style, and very cheap to make.

Make sure to click here if you need tips on how to style your double hijab pins.


Chain | Flat-Nose Pliers | Blank Eyelet Hijab Pins | Ruler | Closures

You can purchase the blank eyelet hijab pins here:


1. Measure 11 inches or 28 centimeters of chain.

2. Open the link at the end with pliers.

3. Make sure to open the link sideways as shown.

4. Next, hook the open link around the eyelet and seal it shut with pliers.

5. Repeat the previous steps for the other side: opening the link and closing it around the eyelet.

6. Voila! You’ve created your own DIY double hijab pin! 

7. You can easily embellish the double hijab pin with coins and beads.

I hope you liked this tutorial on how to make DIY double hijab pins. Make sure to leave a comment down below if you liked it and let me know how you plan on wearing it.